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First Time?

You have always wanted to meet me? Are you a little nervous? Never done this before? Don’t know the proper protocol? Here is a little guide to help you through the process.


This may sound a bit basic and perhaps rude to mention financials first, but check if you can afford to see me? Seeing an escort is a luxury. You can find my rates here. No point in wasting both your time and mine after emailing, when you realise, it might be out of your price range


An incall? An outcall? What’s that?


An incall is where I host and you come to visit me. My tour dates means I am offering incalls and am in that location.


An outcall is when you would rather host. If we had never met before and want me to come visit you, I will require more information from you to verify I feel comfortable and safe to see you. I will prefer to see you in a hotel rather than your private residence. I can’t drive, so you will need to factor that in too.


Send me a message!


I prefer email, but if I am touring. I will be available by phone either text or call. 


What should be in your email?


A little introduction always helps. Your age, what sector you work in, maybe you found me on Twitter and enjoyed my posts. I understand discretion is important, so you do not need to give me a lot of details. Just a little idea of who you are.


Do not be afraid to tell me it is your first time. I see a lot of first timers, often nervous or unsure. It helps me, especially when you come to meet me, that you may need a small bit of time to ease your nerves when you arrive. We can sit down and talk briefly, before we get down to business!


Also the devil is in the details. If you have set time and day you would like to meet, do feel free to include them in that first email. Do ask about services. But be realistic. I am more your vanilla girlfriend, who likes to cuddle and kiss for hours than a pornstar kinkster. 


How long? How long? How long? 


This is entirely up to you. I think for the first time, anything from an hour to a few hours is good. It gives us time to get to know each other, especially if you need time to settle your nerves at the beginning. 


We have finally agreed on a day and time. I will give you a time to confirm the appointment with me, probably on the same day, an hour or two beforehand. If you don’t confirm with me. I will assume you have cancelled. If this happens, it is unlikely I will agree to see you again. 


What if I need to cancel? 


Please give me as much notice as possible. The more notice I have the more likely I will see you again. 


What if I have to cancel at the last minute? 


I understand things can happen. But if you want me to see you again, I will require you to send me a donation in advance for future bookings. And if you really want to make it up to me, sending all or part of the donation as an apology, will mean a lot to me, and that you are considerate of my time.


What happens when we finally meet?


Please arrive freshly showered and minty fresh breath. Ideally avoid those Tayto cheese and onion crisps or that garlic bread for lunch. If I am hosting, a shower and an opportunity to freshen up will be offered.


Unless we have arranged the donation in advance, after the initial greetings have been exchanged, please give me the donation then. I would prefer not to have to ask for it.


Then we can get down to business!


What else should I keep in mind?


Don’t overstay your welcome and stick to the allocated. It is not fair to me, as I am a busy girl and more than likely have other plans.


Do ask questions if you are unsure. This is your first time and it is hard to know.


Last of all. I do not judge. I do not care how you look. Overweight? Disabled? It is all fine with me, as long as you are hygienic and respectful to me.

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